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General Search Tips

  • Default search content: is the body, title, and meta-description.
  • Stop-terms are common terms like "it and the that...".
  • Special characters like #!$%|&..etc. are allowed.
  • ISO Latin-1 characters like ..etc. are treated as english equivalents.
  • Phrases: use double-quotes around search term. ("search")
  • Add + in front of terms/phrases that must appear in results.
  • Add - in front of terms/phrases that must not appear in results.
  • The + checkbox adds a plus in front of all terms/phrases for convenience.
  • The score is the percentage of matching characters in a document.

Advanced Search Tips

  • Searching can be expanded with a wildcard (*).
    • Adding a * to the end of a term will match all endings.
    • For example: 'test*' will match 'tests' 'tested' 'testing' etc.
    • Stop-terms are included in wildcard searches.
  • Weights can be applied by adding <2-10000> in front of terms or phrases.
    • For example:
    • <100>term none <500>"a phrase"
    • The query above will weight scores 100 and 500 times greater for documents containing 'term' and 'a phrase', respectively.
    • The scores for documents containing only 'none' will remain unchanged. The weight must be in the range of 2-10000.
    • Add + (inclusion) in front of weights. The results will be sorted by weighted scores.
  • The following options can be placed in any order in front of the query:
    • c:   for a case sensitive search.
    • w:   to match whole words only.
    • st:   to include stop-terms.
    • all:   to add + in front of all terms/phrases.
    • match: score: date: size: title:   or   name:   for the sorting choice.
    • 5-100:   for the number of results to display per page.
    • b:   to search the body (full text) of documents.
    • t:   to search the title of documents.
    • t:   to search the title of documents.
    • t:   to search the title of documents.
    • alt:   to search the alternate text in documents.
    • l:   to search the links in documents.
    • d:   to search the meta-description in documents.
    • k"   to search the meta-keywords in documents.
    • au:   to search the meta-author in documents.